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What we learned so farRIEKER STAR BREWERY

Frank A. Rieker established Rieker Star Brewery in the late 1880s on West King Street at the site of Crystal Park and the former Blue Star Hotel. At one time, Lancaster city was homed to 3 major breweries and Rieker Brewery was one of them.

The quality of the beer was excellent. A majority of the brewmasters that lived and worked in Lancaster were from Germany and they took the cultural facet of their lifestyle to Lancaster. And because of the German roots in the area, the right connections were made to import the best hops in the world, direct from Germany.

By the early 1900s, the workforce had grown to a few hundred, and annual output surged to 200,000 barrels (6.2 million gallons), or 37 gallons of beer for every resident of the county

Subsequently, Frank A. Rieker opened F. A. Rieker Brewing Co. in 1912, however, it closed in 1920. Unfortunately, in 1919, Prohibition took hold and gutted the brewing industry. For a while, Rieker ferried its kegs down West King via trollies and secretly pumped its beer through basement hoses during Prohibition so it could be bottled and shipped to Canada for sale. But the feds caught on, shutting down the operation – and eventually the entire brewery.

However, with the opening of Rieker Bottle Works, the significance of the Rieker name and history in Lancaster isn’t all lost. We aim to continue the rich tradition by offering the largest selection of premium, high quality craft beer, available in a variety of sizes.